SFINX big-gathering

24th of November 5:30 pm Zoom ID: 4777160369

It is once again time for the X-sections big gathering! During this meeting a number of board members and elected representatives for SFINX are elected! Other decisions about how the section and the section board works are also made at the meeting. 

Because of the Corona virus we will have the meeting through Zoom the 24th of November 5:30 pm. Check the facebook event for more info! 

We also appoint announced positions:

- President

- Vice president & cashier

- Head of study welfare affairs

- Head of sports & activities

- BTS-contact (Contact person in the BioTechStudent-organisation)

- Head of alumni- and sponsorship

- Head of the club crew 

- Information Officer 


- Election committee 

- Alternates to FUM (Union council)

- Member of the international committee 

- Accountants

- Board member of the BioTechStudent-organisation (BTS)


Do you want to know more about these positions? Send an email to the election committee ([email protected]). 


Location: Zoom: 477 716 0369.

Date: November 24th 2020

Time: 5:30 pm

Questions? Send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]