About the X-program

The civil engineering program in molecular biotechnology is a five-year-long education at Uppsala University. The fourth and fifth year consists of profiling in one of these 3 fields: Molecular biotechnology for production, applied bioinformatics, or applied molecular biophysics. The profile in molecular biotechnology for production focuses on developing products for example for the pharmaceutical industry, diagnostics, or biofuels, and producing them on a large scale.

The profile in bioinformatics focuses on handling large biological and biomedical data, for example, DNA and RNA sequences or the protein composition inside an organism. The X-section represents both the civil engineering program in molecular biotechnology as well as the master’s program in bioinformatics. Master students have a lot of courses with the engineer students in the bioinformatics profile and have great knowledge in both biology and computer sciences.

The profile in applied molecular biophysics focuses on biological processes on a molecular and cellular level. This could include structural determination of a receptor and simulations of its binding to the signal molecule, localization of essential molecules in microorganisms, or biophysical models that describe biological processes.

Collaborations with companies

Are you as a company interested in collaborating with our program and reaching our students? Then you can do that in multiple ways! We offer for instance:

  • Lunch lectures – Come to our campus and talk to our students about your company. Together with offering lunch to the students, this is a very popular and appreciated way to reach our students!
  • Marketing – This can be done through social media platforms such as our Instagram, Facebook, website, newsletter, or posters on the campus.
  • Study visits – Many students are interested in what their future work life will look like after their education. We regularly contact companies but please feel free to contact us if you want to show your facilities.
  • DAX – DAX is an afternoon event, usually during spring, that exists to inform and inspire students. During the afternoon companies and researchers are invited to speak about their work and how their education in biotechnology is applied in the work field.
  • MarKQnadsDax – MarKQnadsDax is a career fair for X-students and other sections with similar fields of study where companies present their workplace.

Are you interested in cooperating with us or do you have any questions?

Contact our sponsor and alumni contact ([email protected]) for questions regarding sponsoring or our business contact regarding lunch lectures and study visits ([email protected]).