The X-section has three student representatives, the head of academic affairs, the head of student welfare, and the head of master and exchange affairs. As a student representative, you are responsible that the lectures, courses, education, and study environment meet the students’ requirements. If you experience any problems or if you have opinions and questions about courses, feel free to ask one of the student representatives. Opinions that are brought to them can then anonymously be brought to the program council and they can discuss how the situation can be improved and solve the issue.

Our head of student welfare is also the course and safety representative, this means that this person is responsible for issues related to the study environment. Examples of problems in the study environment could be that a watch is broken or chairs are missing in a certain room. Our head of master and exchange affairs exists for all the exchange students in the X-program and master’s students in the bioinformatics profile. This includes issues in the study social environment, such as unfair treatment or issues with teachers. If you experience any concerns in the study environment, do not hesitate to contact one of the student representatives and they will help you!

Course and safety representative meetings

Every class on the X-program has a course and safety representative. This person is responsible for tracking the study environment and the courses. If you find anything in the study environment that is not up to par or if the courses are not satisfactory, then you can tell the course and safety representative with your opinions.

Once a month there is a course and safety representative meeting. At this meeting, all course and safety representatives meet with representatives at the X-program. During the meeting, the courses are discussed and the pros and cons are discussed in order to make the education as valuable as possible.

Program council

The program council is the most important deciding organ within the X-program. At the program council the program responsible, teacher representatives from multiple faculties, working life representatives, section representatives, and student representatives are present. At the meeting, courses are discussed and improvements are made. The student representatives together with the head of academic affairs, head of student welfare, and the chairman of the X-section deliver the opinions of the students and help to decide the future developments of the program.

The program council takes place three times per semester. It is important and strongly recommended to provide your opinions on the education to our representatives in order to make these meetings as useful as possible.

Study council

The study council works as a communication channel between the program council and all students at the X-program. The head of academic affairs and head of student welfare are responsible for these meetings and to inform what has been discussed during these program council meetings. It is also important that students have input that they can deliver to the next program council. During the study councils course changes, improvements, and a lot more are discussed. There are three study councils each semester so please feel free to join these meetings and also contact the head of academic affairs and the head of student welfare with your opinions!

Contact information

Board members:

[email protected] : Head of academic affairs
[email protected] : Head of student welfare
[email protected] : Head of master and exchange affairs