The Board

Updated: 1 February, 2021


Tobias Giertz

Epos: [email protected]

Leads the board's work and is ultimately responsible for the association's activities.


Vice president and economic responible

Pauline Lenkeit Gesser

Epost: [email protected]

Responsible for the association's financial work and takes over the president's duties in his absence.


Officer Head of Student Welfare

Klara Solander

[email protected]

Responsible for leading the association's action in student social issues and has the task of being the section's student safety representative.


Secretary and PR

Ebba Richert

[email protected]

Responsible for the association's documents and minutes and for the association's marketing.


Spons and alumni contact

Elin Berg

[email protected]

Provides the association with external sponsorship and arrange activities with the association's members and alumni.


Head of Corporate Relations

Sarah Götze

[email protected]

Responsible for monitoring and maintaining continuous contact with working life so that the association's members gain insight into their future working places.


Head of the pub crew

Corinne Olivero

Rebecka Jeppsson

[email protected]

Responsible for arranging social activities for the association's members.


Head of sports and activities

William Göransson

[email protected]

Works to promote cohesion within the section and to organize sports events.


Information Office

Lotta Rydin

[email protected]

Responible for the website.