Hi future students!

We are glad that you have found the X-section!

Students at the X-program at Uppsala University are automatically a part of the X-section. We are all future civil engineers in biotechnology! The X-section is a part of UTN, which for example arranges the annual “forsränning” in the Fyris river. If you want to know more about UTN you can check out their website www.utn.se.

Have you got accepted to study at Uppsala in autumn?

Congratulations! You will have five amazing years in Uppsala. Here are some useful tips:


A great tip is to join the housing queue as fast as possible. This can be done over at Uppsala Bostadsförmedling. Other great websites for housing are:

Another possibility is to find housing in one of the 13 nations here in Uppsala. To apply for housing through the nations you have to be a member. You can do this online at www.uppsalastudent.com or in person at the nation-house. You can join as many nations as you wish but it is only necessary to join one nation since this will enable you to have access to all nations and their events.


A bicycle is almost mandatory to have as a student in Uppsala. Uppsala is perfect for biking and in 2018 Uppsala was Sweden’s best bicycle city according to Cykelfrämjandet!

Course literature

Course literature can be costly but do not worry! As a member of the X-section you can join the Facebook group XboX to buy and sell course literature for affordable prices.